Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet



The customized LCD material allows you to write by hand naturally and clearly
• The tablet uses customized LCD material, so the blue-green handwriting is very clear, bold and delicate at the same time.

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• The board itself also helps to feel smooth and natural.
Highly sensitive pressure sensing technology adapts the font to your current feelings and needs.
• The use of highly sensitive pressure sensing and a customized LCD screen allow you to render fonts of varying clarity.
• The screen allows you to use your fingers or other objects to write without delay. The indicator gives you a more pleasant writing experience.
One clear button to clear all things
• You can easily clean the screen in a simple way by pressing the button.
No radiation and danger to children
• The tablet has no blue rays, does not flicker, and reflects natural light.
• Completely free of ink and chemical pigments, harmless to eyes and skin
Magnetic stylus for gentle use and easy storage
• Lightweight magnetic pen (only 7 g)
• Enjoy traditional clamping instead.
Locking switch
• Turn on the lock to avoid losing important content.
Long battery life
• If you clear the screen a hundred times each day, the battery life will reach up to 1 year.


4 possible uses:
Business trip
• Enjoy the journey behind an ultra-thin and light tablet.
Discussion in the office
• Group discussion and convenient communication.
• You can write ideas from your team at any time, such as a sketch, essay, brainstorming, etc.
Parent-child interaction
• Joy for parents and children. While spending time together, you can draw, make concepts, or write.
Family message board
• Message on the bulletin board from children, or for children, can make the day more pleasant.


Product model: XMXHB02WC
Item Dimensions: 318 x 225 x 7 mm
Net weight: 0.345 kg (including battery)
Materials: ABS, polymer liquid crystal display (LCD)
Coin cell battery: CR2025