Cryptosteel Capsule Solo silver


Hardware wallet - offline - stainless steel security.

Adjustable dividers with a capacity of 133 characters. Shell made of AISI 303. Core, dividers, fasteners and tile figures of AISI 304. In the package: 1 × capsule container, 1 × set of tiles (> 800).

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Do you need to save a cryptomen seed and you don't think it's safe to write it on paper?

Then there's the Cryptosteel Capsule Solo offline hardware wallet in a flexible case. It is ready to store up to 123 characters and separators. For example, you store 96 letters for 24 consecutive English words that will form your seed. The Cryptosteel Capsule Solo is made of stainless steel and allows for truly secure data storage of your choice.

Your password will be permanently stored and resistant to physical damage, including fire, flooding, corrosion and impact. The Cryptosteel Capsule Solo comes with a collection of 800 stainless steel tiles with an engraved letter on each side.