Complaint Procedure for submitting complaints to the supplier iQparts s. r. o.

I. General provisions and definitions

The Complaint Procedure provides conditions for complaints regarding services provided by the supplier – repairs of electronic devices, especially, but not limited to cell phones and tablets in accordance with Act No. 40/1964 Col., of the Civil Code that applies to services, in which the supplier bears responsibility for faults that may emerge during the warranty period.

The Complaint Procedure is an inseparable part of the General Commercial Terms and Conditions of the supplier as well as the contract for work and labour concluded between the supplier and sponsor.

Supplier iQparts. r. o., seat: Wolkrova 2, 851 01 Bratislava, Company ID: 50 606 107, incorporated in the Commercial Register of the Bratislava I District Court, Section: Sro, File No. 115665/B, e-mail:, tel.: +421 950 77 66 55


Sponsor Consumer (natural person who, within the conclusion and performance of the consumer contract, does not act on behalf of their business or trade activity) or natural person or legal entity-entrepreneur who concluded a contract for work and labour or supplier contract. These conditions for complaints may differ from the conditions for complaints relevant for consumers. The relationship between the supplier and sponsor-entrepreneur shall be guided by the Commercial Code.


II. Warranty terms

At the moment of handover of the repaired electronic device, the sponsor or person authorized by them shall check whether the packaging of the repaired device is damaged. If it is damaged, the sponsor or a person authorized by them together with the supplier or the authorized parcel service shall write down a record on the damage that occurred during the transport of the electronic device, or refusal to take over the device.

If the sponsor takes over the electronic device despite the damaged packaging, the supplier shall not be obliged to recognize possible later complaints regarding this claim.

The sponsor is obliged to check the electronic device during the takeover and immediately inform the supplier of any faults detected.

The supplier shall bear responsibility for the faults on the electronic device at the time of its takeover by the sponsor. In case of used goods, the supplier shall not bear responsibility for the faults that emerged due to their use or wear. In case of material that has been used for a reduced price, the supplier shall not bear responsibility for the faults due to which the repair price has been reduced.

The goods to which the complaints apply shall only be tested for the faults listed by the sponsor.

If the goods in question deteriorate quickly or they have been already used before, the seller shall be responsible for the faults that emerge on the goods after the takeover during their warranty period.

The warranty period shall last 24 months. If a warranty period is listed on the goods, their packaging, or in the instructions for use, the warranty period shall not expire before this date.

If the electronic device is repaired using used materials, the sponsor and supplier can agree on a shortened warranty period.

In case of items intended for long-term use, the warranty period exceeding 14 months is provided in special regulations. The warranty period exceeding 24 months may also apply to a component only.

The warranty shall not apply to damage due to:

  • mechanical damage of goods,
  • using the goods in an environment unsuitable in terms of temperature, humidity, chemical, or mechanical effects,
  • inadequate manipulation or neglecting maintenance of the goods, especially, but not limited to breaking protection seals and stickers, testing of spare parts, LCD display and other similar parts by sticking them on the frame or the central plate, etc.
  • overloading or using the device in contrary to general principles,
  • natural phenomena or force majeure.

The warranty for consumables (cell phone batteries, etc.) shall be limited and apply only to operational faults.

A document on repair or warranty certificate issued by the sponsor shall serve as the warranty certificate.

The warranty starts running at the moment of takeover of the repaired device by the sponsor.   


III Lodging a complaint and the complaint procedure

In case faults emerge on the repaired goods during the warranty period, the sponsor has the right to lodge a complaint.

The complaint can be lodged in person by submitting a filled-in complaint form along with the electronic device that was not repaired in a satisfactory way and a document confirming that the service was ordered at the location of the service (dispensing office), service car of the supplier, or sent by post to the address of the relevant branch of the company.

The supplier is obliged to determine the way of resolving the complaint immediately; in complicated cases in three days after lodging the complaint; in justified cases, especially if a complex evaluation of the technical state of the electronic device is needed, in 30 days after lodging the complaint. After the method of resolving the complaint is determined, it is processed; in justified cases, it can be processed later; however, it must be processed in 30 days after lodging the complaint. After this period, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract or receive new goods.

If the consumer lodged a complaint in 12 months after taking over the repaired device, the seller can refuse the complaint only based on an expert evaluation. Regardless of the result of the expert evaluation, the consumer shall not bear costs incurred by the expert evaluation or other related costs. The supplier is obliged to provide the customer with a copy of the expert evaluation justifying the dismissal of the complaint in 14 days after processing the complaint at the latest.

If the consumer lodged a complaint as provided in the previous point, and the supplier dismissed it, the authorized person who processed the complaint shall include a contact for a competent expert who can perform the expert evaluation in the written response to the complaint. If the device was submitted for the expert evaluation to the competent person, the supplier shall bear the costs for such an evaluation along with all related costs regardless of the result of the evaluation. If the expert evaluation proves that the supplier is responsible for the fault, they have the right to lodge a repeated complaint; the period during which the device is evaluated by the expert, the warranty period is not running.

The supplier is obliged to pay all costs related to the expert evaluation to the sponsor in 14 days after lodging the repeated complaint. A repeated complaint cannot be dismissed.

If the fault can be removed, the supplier is obliged to do so duly and on time. The supplier is obliged to immediately remove such a fault.

The sponsor can require the supplier to replace the spare part they used in the previous repair, if it does not incur unreasonable costs for the supplier regarding the price of the goods, service, or seriousness of the fault.

If the fault cannot be removed and prevents the electronic device from being repaired and properly used, the sponsor has the right to receive a replacement or withdraw from the contract. The same rights apply if the fault can be removed or it occurs repeatedly after the repair, or if there are multiple faults on the device due to which the device cannot be used properly.

If the goods are replaced, the warranty period starts running after they are taken over by the customer. The same applies, if a component to which the warranty applies has been replaced.

If the faults in question are irreparable, the sponsor has the right to a reasonable discount.

The supplier shall issue a complaint receipt for the customer in 30 days after lodging the complaint at the latest, and simultaneously calls the sponsor to take over the electronic device or claim another right resulting from the complaint. If the customer requests the item of the resolved complaint to be sent by post, the seller shall send the repaired device or the sum of money amounting to its price to the address listed by the sponsor along with the complaint receipt.

The sponsor has the right for the reimbursement of costs (postal services) related to claiming their rights regarding responsibility for faults that have been incurred in reality and purposefully.


IV Final provisions

The Complaint Procedure shall be valid as published on the website of the supplier

The supplier is eligible to adjust the content of the Complaint Procedure in accordance with the changes adopted in the current legislation or trade policy of the supplier. Changes in the Complaint Procedure as stated in this provision shall not influence the complaints lodged before such changes entered into force. Changes in the Complaint Procedure shall enter into force by being published on the website of the supplier

The Complaint Procedure enters into force on 1 January 2017, invalidating all previous complaint procedures.